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We've been doing this for a while now. But that doesn't make us outdated, it makes us outstanding! Hanes is in 90% of US homes and we were the first brand to invest in the screenprinting industry. With heavyweights like the legendary Beefy-T®, innovative tech like Clean Canvas™ technology and new fashion-focused offerings like our Perfect-T and Perfect Sweats, you can always trust Hanes for excellent printability and a great price. BLANK yeah!

Comfort and softness meets printability

With a 100% U.S. grown ring spun cotton face featuring Clean CanvasTM print technology, these tees and sweats are perfect for any embellishment you can throw at them. Direct to garment, plastisol, water-based, or embroidery— we even dare you to try the outrageous techniques with them—we know it will be perfect!

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The optimal print platform for garment printing

Hanes’ proprietary Clean Canvas™ process provides an optimal print platform for screen and direct to garment printing. By removing waxes and oils from the fabric, Clean CanvasTM reduces variation and inconsistency in print quality. It’s time to make Hanes your go-to.

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Doing our part to make the world a more comfortable, livable and inclusive place.

At Hanesbrands we believe it’s our responsibility to drive the kind of behavior and actions that will protect the place we all call home. This responsibility is part of our DNA and has been for decades.

So, looking ahead to 2025 and 2030, we’re ramping up our efforts to pursue ambitious goals that will improve the lives of people, protect the planet and generate world-class sustainable products.