• Measuring Garments - Body Width

    Body width - measure 1” below armhole and straight across from side to side.

  • Measuring Garments - Body LengthBody length - measure in a straight line at point where neck trim meets body to bottom of garment (including any bottom trim).
  • Measuring Garments - ArmholeArmhole - measure in a straight line at point where sleeve joins body at the shoulder to the point where the sleeve meets the body at the underarm.
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve length Sleeve length At the top - measure from point where sleeve meets shoulder seam, straight along fold to bottom of sleeve (including any sleeve trim).
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve lengthCenter back - measure from center of back where collar joins garment to where the sleeve and shoulder joins, then to the end of sleeve cuff or hem.
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve lengthShoulder to shoulder - measure across the back of the garment along the shoulder seams from the outside edge of one shoulder to the outside of the other.
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve lengthColret width - position ruler end to colret seam at center front and measure across width of colret.
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve lengthCuff width - measure from the point where the cuff is attached to the sleeve to the end of the cuff.
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve lengthBottom band width - measure where bottom band is attached to edge of band.
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve lengthBottom band opening - measure along edge of bottom band.
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve length Muff pockets Opening - measure along the pocket opening from the top of the pocket down to the bottom of the pocket opening.
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve lengthLength - measure along side of garment from the point parallel to the top of the pocket down to the point where the pocket meets bottom band.


  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve lengthWaist-band Relaxed - measure distance across waist at center of elastic/band ½” down from top. Stretched - measure elastic waist extended horizontally to maximum width without breaking stitches.
  • Measuring Garments - Sleeve lengthLength Total length – measure along outseam from top of elastic to bottom of leg.  (A to B) Inseam – measure from crotch seam down to bottom of leg.  (C to D)


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